" I used Key To Good Credit a short while back and was very impressed with not only the service provided but the knowledge she possessed and was always willing to share. She educated me on the credit process and helped me increase my credit score in a very short amount of time. I would definitely recommend Kiedra and her team to anyone needing assistance."

-R. Foreman


"Kiedra helped me get from a low 400 credit score to the mid 600's which was my goal to purchase my first house in a matter of months. Working with her was very easy as her knowledge on credit and client communication was amazing. I refer all my family and friends to her. Highly recommended."

-A. Howard


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-D. Perry

"Kiedra is the best at what she do and very professional. She is very knowledgeable and always willing to help. I can call her and she tells me exactly what to do and what to avoid doing to make better decisions with my credit. My credit was stuck in the 600's. Thanks to Mrs. Kiedra Henderson my scores jumped to 750 and higher."

-V. Cornish


"Thanks to Key To Good Credit all negative remarks and bills have been cleared. Now I can start off with a clean slate."

-T. Wingham